October 6th Rally ….It’s Election Time Again!

Come and join us on Saturday, October 6th from 1:00 to 3:30 PM in downtown San Antonio. We will celebrate what President George Washington called the “great pillars of happiness”, that is, “political prosperity, religion, and morality.” Meet the conservative candidates running for office in Bexar County. We will come together to give thanks to our God for our exceptional nation, conceived in liberty, its citizens endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and to commemorate what President John Adams expressed that “only a virtuous people are capable of freedom … and our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”.

See more details and download flyer here.

It’s Election Time Again! Look Out for Dirty Politics in San Antonio

Two weeks ago a large number of big campaign signs put out by Jose “Joe” Ortiz, Republican candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 1, were stolen and others vandalized all over the city and county and replaced by his opponent’s signs.  Prior to that incident, his sign contractor was assaulted and suffered injuries. If you see a white Chevy truck with the name “Sign Busters” on both sides of the truck and the occupants near campaign signs, please report it to 911 and send us a note.

A few weeks ago, a parishioner in St. Luke’s parish sent me a Democrat Party flyer he picked up
in the foyer of his church. The flyer listed the full slate of Democratic Party candidates, endorsing Barack Obama and on down to Chico Rodriguez, the opponent of Joe Ortiz running for County Commissioner, Precinct 1. On the back side, the flyer conveyed the following message about the Republican Party:

“Republicans believe: Medicare should be eliminated; Brown people need an ID to vote; They should not pass the Dream Act or set a pathway to citizenship; Arizona’s laws are good for the country; You should pay MORE in taxes while the rich pay less; There is ‘consensual rape’; Affordable health care is non-essential.”

The flyer listed the coalition of Democratic Party-affiliated organizations responsible for this discreditable and blatantly partisan literature: Bexar County Texan Democrats, Mission Democrats of Bexar County, Cesar E. Chavez Legacy and Educational Foundation, Proud Democrats of San Antonio, and LCLAA (Labor Council for Latin American Advancement).

If you see similar political literature in your parish, please report it to the pastor and I would
appreciate a copy of what’s been passed out. (Send it to philsevilla@att.net) The church puts its tax exempt status at risk if a complaint is filed and pursued by the IRS.

The TLC Board delivered a letter to Archbishop Gustavo’s office last week to inform him that partisan political literature is being distributed on Catholic Church property which is prohibited and presents a threat to the Church’s tax exempt status. We also informed the Archbishop that Mayor Julian and Joaquin Castro threw a party at the St. Paul Community Center Hall on September 1st.  The party was a send-off for Julian who was leaving town to give the keynote speech at the Democratic Party convention in North Carolina. At the party both Castro brothers were on stage with Fr. Jimmy Brennan Drennan, a diocesan priest and pastor at St. Joseph’s in Honey Creek. Both Castro brothers at the microphone with Fr. Brennan Drennan at their side beseeched the crowd to vote and re-elect Barack Obama.

So here are multiple incidents in the archdiocese where Catholic Church property is being used for political purposes and the presence on stage of a Catholic priest is conveying the message to
the public that the Catholic Church is promoting and supporting the candidacies of pro-abortion, pro-same sex “marriage” politicians who include Barack Obama and Julian and Joaquin Castro.

I recall the 2008 elections while I was still in Albuquerque, New Mexico, serving as the Executive Director of a Catholic pro-life crisis pregnancy and evangelization center. I put out a large banner on the front of our building that simply said, “Vote Pro-Life”. The week before the elections, the banner was stolen and obscene graffiti was sprayed all over our building. So much for tolerance and freedom of speech in a democratic republic.

I also witnessed a very active ACORN in New Mexico and saw a friend, Dr. Paula Papponi, lose
her state representative race by less than a hundred votes after she was declared the winner. It appears a ballot box was mysteriously found uncounted in an obscure Indian pueblo after the election. Such are the ways of the Democratic Party. Politics is a blood sport for them and they’re in it to win by whatever means.

Dear friends, stay vigilant and please report back to us if you see any partisan political activity going on in your parish. If the archdiocesan staff refuses to do anything about these violations, we will call attention to these abuses publicly, though we do not wish to embarrass the Archbishop and his staff.


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