About TLC

The Catholic Leadership Coalition of Texas, DBA Texas Leadership Coalition, is a non-profit corporation (501[c]4) founded in 2011 by Catholic laymen in San Antonio for the purpose of public education and advocacy.


The Texas Leadership Coalition is comprised of Texas Catholic laymen organized to cultivate leaders who will promote and defend authentic Christian moral principles in our community, state, and country in order to safeguard and promote the common good according to God’s law.”


To cultivate leaders, who, like our members, believe in exercising their civic duty in conformity with Christian values, seeking to answer the Church’s urgent call for the faithful to defend tirelessly the sanctity of human life, the good of marriage and the family, and to perform their duties faithfully in the spirit of the Gospel.

To develop resources and opportunities to inform Catholics about the moral precepts of the Church pertaining to their obligations and responsibilities as Catholic voters.

“In the depths of their conscience, men and women detect a law which they do not impose on themselves but which holds them to obedience, a law written by God; to obey it is the very dignity of men and women.” Fr. John A. Leies

“The renewal of the Church in America will not be possible without the active participation of the laity. Therefore, they are largely responsible for the future of the Church.” Pope John Paul II, Ecclesia in America, No. 44