St. Luke’s Parish Explains Partisan Flyer Endorsing Democratic Party Candidates

We received an email letter from the parish administration of St. Luke’s parish regarding the partisan political literature distributed at the parish which we reported on. Here is the letter printed in its entirety:

Mr. Sevilla,

I want to clarify the situation at St. Luke.  The flyer was an insert in a local paper, not Express News, and it has been deliver[ed] to St Luke in the past.  Once administration saw what was in the latest issue of the paper, we contacted the owner of the paper to instruct that they discontinue delivery of the paper to St. Luke.  It is a free paper and we never asked for it.  We also made an announcement at all Masses to be on the lookout for political material in the foyer or in the parking so it could be discarded.  I commend our administration for taking corrective action and taking care of it quickly.

The Archdiocese knows the regulations and communicates that information to all parishes.

David Castilleja
St. Luke Catholic Church
Pastoral Administrator

About Phil Sevilla

Mr. Sevilla, prior to assuming the role of President of the Texas Leadership Coalition was the President of Catholic Coalition of New Mexico, a non-profit Catholic advocacy organization and Executive Director for Project Defending Life, a Catholic pro-life ministry in Albuquerque, NM. He held managerial and staff positions serving technology companies in Silicon Valley and Fortune 100 corporations for over twenty years.

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