Religious Liberty

“[I]n order that relationships of peace and harmony be established and maintained within the whole of mankind, it is necessary that religious freedom be everywhere provided with an effective constitutional guarantee and that respect be shown for the high duty and right of man freely to lead his religious life in society.” (Dignitatis Humanae, Declaration on Religious Freedom, Pope Paul VI, No. 15)

“So while religion is indeed a personal matter, it is not a private matter, for there is no religious liberty if we are not free to express our faith in the public square and if we are not free to act on that faith through works of education, health care, and charity . . . just as there is no freedom of speech if one is free to say what he or she believes only privately but not publicly through the media, the arts, libraries, and schools. (Address on Religious Liberty, Bishop William E. Lori, ov. 2011)

Religious Liberty

Dignitatis Humanae
Declaration on Religious Freedom (1965) Pope Paul VI

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Site on RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ISSUES

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